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The importance of maintaining good eye health

Acuaiss is a line of products containing sodium hyaluronate, designed to treat mild eye conditions. Maintaining good eye health frequent eye examinations, a balanced diet and healthy habits. In reality, today's fast-paced life can have a negative impact on our eyes, and we often experience symptoms of mild eye dryness.

Mild eye dryness is also a factor of eye health, and can be a problem for anyone who subjects their eyes to improper conditions detrimental to quality or quantity. Spending many hours in front of the computer or long periods of time in enclosed in spaces with excessive heating or air conditioning, reading in dim light, etc., are common causes of mild eye dryness, which can affect us all.

Acuaiss is a family of products containing hyaluronic acid, especially designed to promote healthy eyes.

Acuaiss provides immediate relief from symptoms such as itchy or gritty eyes, etc. It is available as moisturising drops in a multi-dose format, preservative-free single-dose drops, an eye bath for cleaning and relieving irritated eyes and eye-cleansing wipes for ocular hygiene for eyelid hygiene.

Acuaiss products are sold in opticians and specialist shops.

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