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Acuaiss moisturising drops

Acuaiss moisturising drops with hyaluronic acid lubricate and hydrate the eyes to provide immediate relief of the feeling of dry or itchy eyes.

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Properties of hyaluronic acid

Sodium hyaluronate is a constituent of the eye structure and has the property of stabilising tears to provide greater eye comfort and reduce the feeling of dryness.

Acuaiss moisturising drops have viscoelastic properties: when the product is applied to the eye, the tear has little tendency to break as it becomes resistant (viscous), however it becomes more fluid when we blink, a property due to the presence of sodium hyaluronate.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component that retains the tear's water. This property enables Acuaiss to partially or totally eliminate the effects produced by reduced tear production. These effects are:

  • Dry eye (poor tear production).
  • Conjunctive injection.
  • Red eye.
  • Sensation of discomfort and itching and after looking at a computer screen, watching the television or reading for a long time (tired eyes).


Acuaiss moisturising drops are especially indicated in the following circumstances:

  • Activities that require forcing our eyes, such as working with a computer, reading for a long time, watching television, long trips, tiredness or stress, in other words, activities that reduce the frequency of blinking.
  • Air conditioned work places.
  • Stuffy, contaminated atmospheres.
  • Contact lens wearers.
  • Circumstances where improving the quality of the tear film or fighting against the sensation of dry eye is recommended.

Instruction for use

You should wash and rinse your hands well before handling the product.

Apply one or two drops in the affected eye when you feel the symptoms and blink repeatedly.

This lubricant solution can also be used for moisturising your contact lenses during use by applying a few drops before putting them in.

The solution can be used as many times a day as necessary.


  • Increased stability of the tear film.
  • Increased corneal moistening.
  • Reduced tear evaporation.

These results provide your eyes with long lasting hydration, relief, freshness and comfort and, if you are a contact lens wearer, prevent contact lenses from rubbing or irritating the eye surface.


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