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Immediate relief for irritated eyes

Irritated eyes may occur for several reasons: dryness caused by adverse weather conditions, allergies to certain substances found in the air, microbial eye complaints like conjunctivitis.

Irritated eyes is synonymous of problems such as swollen eyelids or itching, which can be soothed by a refreshing and therapeutic eye bath.

The Acuaiss Eye Bath provides one-step cleanliness and moisturising for irritated eyes.

Health professionals have recommended using the benefits of an eye bath to relieve irritated eyes for over a century.

The eye bath theory is very simple: it is about creating a formula that reproduces the characteristics of our own tears so that it acts like they do: cleaning and regenerating the eye surface.

Acuaiss Eye Bath is a product that perfectly simulates the composition of the tear film. It is made up of a physiological saline solution and hyaluronic acid that contribute to one-step cleaning and moisturising.

Acuaiss Eye Bath has the following properties:

  • Cleans and removes dirt from the eye surface.
  • Moisturising effect.
  • Maintains the pH and tonicity of the tear.


Acuaiss Eye Bath is particularly indicated for the following cases:

  • When immediate relief and freshness are required in the case of irritated or tired eyes and redness caused by environmental dryness, the use of contact lenses, allergies, inflammation caused by the chlorine in swimming pools.
  • As a preliminary eye cleaning treatment in moderate eye complaints (blepharitis, allergies, or conjunctivitis).
  • For the daily washing of eyes and eyelids.

Other possible indications for Acuaiss Eye Bath are:

  • Removing foreign bodies.
  • Surgery.


The application of Acuaiss Eye Bath provides the following results:

  • Restructuring of the tear film.
  • Cleaning and removing impurities, dust or any other foreign body that might be on the outside of the eye.
  • Moistening of the corneal surface.

This results in a feeling of immediate relief and freshness in your eyes.

Instruction for use

Instructions for eye washing

  1. Wash your hands before using the product.
  2. Fill the eye bath cup with the solution.
  3. Tilt your head slightly forward and gently press the full eye bath cup against your eye. We recommend using warm solution to avoid temperature contrast.
  4. Tilt your head slightly backward until the liquid covers the entire eye, and maintain this position for the entire process.
  5. Blink every 5 seconds to encourage washing and rinsing the eye.
  6. After about thirty seconds (recommended time for the washing), tilt your head forwards again and remove the eye bath.
  7. Finally, dry your eyelid and lashes with a sterile compress or cotton wool.
  8. Repeat the same operation with the other eye, using fresh liquid.
  9. Empty the eye bath cup and leave it to dry.

Instructions for washing eye lids

Soak sterile gauze in Acuaiss Eye Bath solution and press it against your eyelid for 30 seconds, moving the gauze softly over your eyelid and lashes.


  • 360 ml pack + antimicrobial eye bath.
  • 100 ml pack + antimicrobial eye bath.

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