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Acuaiss, patches for bags under the eyes

Acuaiss hydrogel eye patches for bags under the eyes refresh, tone and reduce swelling, providing drops of freshness for your eyes.

The main purpose of Acuaiss Eye Relax patches is to move accumulated liquid, facilitating disappearance of the bags. Their hydrogel technology helps soothe the area and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness.

They do not stain or leave any remains on the skin and are easy to use and contain Aloe Vera to contribute to moisturising the skin.

Say goodbye to bags under your eyes!

Hydrogel technology

The active ingredients of Acuaiss Eye Relax eye patches are Aloe Vera, Vitamin C (an anti-oxidant), Centella Asiatica (draining and decongestant properties), Algae Extract (skin firming action) and Saccharomyces (lifting effect). These ingredients mutually reinforce each other, activating the microcirculation and speeding up drainage of liquids from the eye tissue. Aloe Vera provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids, while Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, boosts the product’s decongesting effect, leaving the skin looking brighter and slowing down the signs of skin aging. These components are incorporated in a layer of hydrogel that calms and refreshes the skin.

The programmed and refreshing hydrogel action, and the combination of its active ingredients, provide a draining and decongesting effect that effectively combats bags under the eyes.


Acuaiss Eye Relax hydrogel eye patches are especially indicated for people with bags under their eyes.

Bags under the eyes are often due to a lack of liquid drainage in this area. This occurs at night when we are asleep and is due to lack of sleep.

Instructions for use

Acuaiss Eye Relax patches are simple to use:

  • Clean and dry the area to be treated before applying the product.
  • The product is divided into 4 different parts: 2 larger patches to be applied beneath the eyes and 2 smaller one to be placed on top of the eyelids. Remove the protective plastic covering from the patches and apply these to the area to be treated. Make sure they are properly in place by pressing down gently a number of times.
  • Leave in place approximately 20-25 minutes, with the eyes closed when possible, so that the active ingredients have time to soak into the skin.
  • Gently remove the product after this time. Then continue with your everyday beauty routine. This product does not require rinsing and leaves no stain or residue.

This should ideally be used in the morning as soon as you wake, although it can be applied at any time during the day.


  • Moisturised, soft skin around the yes.
  • Reduced wrinkles.
  • Elimination of liquids.
  • Refreshing action.

Acuaiss Eye Relax is capable of holding a large quantity of water, while it provides the eyes with a pleasant feeling of freshness. The result is a skin without bags, that is fresh, moisturised and full of vitality.

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