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Acuaiss eye contour patches

Acuaiss hydrogel eye contour eye patches moisturise and reduce swollen skin providing your eyes with a refreshing sensation while they act.

Acuaiss Eye Relax is a cosmetic whose special content in vegetable extracts is particularly indicated for treating bags under the eyes. Its main function is to mobilise accumulated liquids, facilitating the disappearance of bags under the eyes. When applied, they provide a pleasant sensation of freshness thanks to their hydrogel technology that helps to calm the area. They do not stain or leave any remains on the skin and are easy to use.

Eye contour

The eyes determine a person’s general condition: health, insomnia, stress and even mood are reflected on the skin surrounding them.

The eye contour area is the most sensitive and fragile area of the face. It is extremely vulnerable to external aggressions such as wind, sun, humidity or dryness and is subjected to an intense movement of the muscles in the area, and is therefore the part of the face that ages first. It is advisable to protect it and prevent any aggressions as soon as possible.

The advantage of this area is that the product penetrates better and quicker, but as this skin is extremely fragile and thin, specific products for eye contours have to pass countless dermatological and ophthalmologic tests, including studies of the risks of irritation or allergy.

Most of the products used to treat eye contours have a mild tightening effect and are calming, decongestant, stimulating and firming. Their specific formulae are adapted to the skin they nourish, moisturise and soften, as well as restoring elasticity and providing protection.

There are specific treatments for each eye problem, and the most usual are makeup removers, anti-wrinkle creams, products for reducing bags under the eyes and products for eliminating or concealing rings under the eyes.

Among those that reduce bags under the eyes, patches such as the ones offered by Acuaiss in its Acuaiss Eye Relax range are usually used as they care for the skin, moisturising it while the active ingredients act by reducing the bags and caring for the area as their hydrogel technology provides a refreshing effect.

Bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes are characterised by swelling of the lower eyelid. In most cases, they are due to moisture retention, i.e., insufficient drainage of the liquids in this area, causing the tissues to swell. They may also be caused by a presence of accumulated fat or by genetics.

The most common, bags under the eyes due to moisture accumulation, are caused by lack of sleep, tiredness, or too much alcohol and tobacco.

In addition to bags under the eyes, there is also a swelling of the eyelids which is an aesthetic alteration due to a lack of lymphatic microcirculation around the eyes. This swelling is not due to the bags, but is made worse by them. They are usually seen when we wake up, after a sleepless night, or after having slept for a long time. At night, liquid may accumulate which is easily drained during the day by blinking a lot as this activates lymphatic microcirculation.

Bags under the eyes caused by the accumulation of moisture usually appear in the morning when we wake up or when we sleep for too long in a position that favours the flow of the humoral liquids to the head.

Secondly, bags caused by the accumulation of fat are the result of excess adipose tissue underneath the eyes. These appear when the fat surrounding the eye causes small hernias that put pressure on the connective tissue and this becomes visible as localised bulges beneath the eyes.

Thirdly, when the bags are genetic, it is the patient’s biology that determines their constant reappearance.

It is easy to determine the origin of the bags, in the case of bags due to swelling, gently pressing the eyelid will result in a small dimple that slowly disappears. In the case of bags due to fat, the characteristic dimple caused by constant pressure does not appear. A product in gel form with active draining ingredients and a structure to aid penetration such as that offered by Acuaiss Eye Relax is recommended for bags caused by the accumulation of water.

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