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Acuaiss patches with hydrogel technology

The hydrogel technology of the Acuaiss Eye Relax eye patches provides your eyes with a pleasant feeling of freshness while its active ingredients are working.

Hydrogel is an intermediary between the active ingredients of the patches and your skin. Combining comfort and cleaning with the sensation of freshness, moisturising and care.

Product description

A compact layer of gel combining different types of polymers is capable of containing active substances. This compact gel is impregnated on a layer of non-woven fabric, which provides a support, but does not insulate it from the atmosphere.

In addition to the characteristics the active substances that are added to it, our hydrogel has intrinsic freshness and relaxation properties which give it added value.

When the gel in Acuaiss Eye Relax patches comes into contact with the skin, it starts to release the active substances by osmosis, and moisture starts to evaporate from the tissue layer, providing a constant concentration of the active substances contained in the gel.

Furthermore, with this technology, the active ingredients easily reach the deepest layers of the epidermis, where live cells maintain the outer appearance of the skin.

Preparation and use

The patches are made up of a layer of white non-woven fabric, impregnated with hydrogel which, without adhesive, is capable of maintaining a certain amount of adherence on its own until there is too much moisture loss.

It is very simple to use although it should be handled with care, as it is a delicate product.

Directly applied to the skin it gives a very pleasant feeling of freshness without dampness. After removal, the area does not need rinsing or any other action.

It leaves the skin with a pleasant feeling of moisturisation and treatment.

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