Acuaiss is a range of
products designed specially
for eye care


Hyaluronic acid has been linked to the Acuaiss brand since its inception. The first product in this range were the moisturizing drops, created to relieve symptoms caused by mildly dry eyes. These drops were followed by the eye bath to wash irritating substances out of the eye, the wipes to care for eyelids and remove rheum and other forms of secretion, and the refreshing roll-on gel to soothe eyelids.

The range was completed a few years ago with a new artificial tear: Acuaiss Ultra. These eye drops contain high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and are free from preservatives. They are especially suitable for people with chronically dry eyes and wearers of contact lenses who suffer from dryness. Another recent addition was Acuaiss Spray & Go, a refreshing eye spray with hyaluronic acid that can be applied with the eyes open.

Acuaiss Dual Gel

The latest novelty in the range is: Acuaiss Dual Gel. It provides intense, long-lasting hydration and helps to ease the symptoms of moderately to severely dry eyes. This moisturizing tear with its gel texture contains two humectant agents: hyaluronic acid at a high concentration (0.30%) and hydroxyethyl cellulose (0.10%). It is available in a 10 ml bottle and in a preservative-free single-dose format.

Relief and comfort

All of the products under the Acuaiss brand are designed to provide relief and comfort for users with mild to moderate or severe eye disorders. They are all medical devices, ensuring a high degree of tolerance and comfort. The products in the Acuaiss range are sold in specialized establishments.

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Why use hyaluronic acid in our formulas?

Because it is one of the most deeply moisturizing and well-tolerated substances in existence.

Hyaluronic acid can be found naturally in the human body and has been used successfully for a very long time in skin care and joint treatments.

Acuaiss is a set of products created for eye care. All these products have one thing in common: the presence of hyaluronic acid in the formula.

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The properties of hyaluronic acid make it unique in eye care products.

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Moisturizing properties

The hyaluronic acid molecule is able to retain large amounts of water, keeping the eye hydrated for longer. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid joins the tear film to the cornea. It has also been proven to enhance corneal hydration and keep the tear intact in the eye for longer, without breaking.

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Regenerative properties

Hyaluronic acid regenerates the cornea by binding to receptors known as CD44 which enhance cell proliferation in the corneal epithelium.

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Viscoelastic properties

Hyaluronic acid imitates the natural tear film by spreading very evenly when blinking and remaining viscous when the eye is open in-between blinks.

Acuaiss is hyaluronic acid

and hyaluronic acid is the ideal substance to care for your eyes.