We would like to share
everything we know with you.


We would like to share everything we know with you.


The importance of the molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid in humectant eye drops

Hyaluronic acid is present in the human body (especially in skin, joints and the eye), in some animals (such as rabbits and bovines) and in some bacteria and algae. But it is not found in fungi, plants or insects.

Even though it is extensively present in nature, it is an outstanding substance that has been used for years in the production of humectant drops for treating dry eye.

Not all hyaluronic acids are the same because certain characteristics such as molecular weight or purity determine many of their properties. Concentration also plays a very important role and affects the end result of the product.

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A viscous artificial tear stays in
the eye longer

The more viscous a tear is, the longer it stays in the eye. This is an advantage for people with acute, long-term symptoms of dry eye, such as itching, stinging, blurred vision, watery eyes.

More viscous drops are often uncomfortable to use because they result in blurred vision, so they are usually used at night-time.

The challenge of producing drops for dry eye is to obtain a viscous substance that is easy to apply and does not produce blurred vision. It should result in a pleasant sensation and should be usable both at night and during the day.

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Hyaluronic acid, the substance
everyone’s talking about

Hyaluronic acid has become very popular and is often perceived as some sort of magic substance to be found in products of all types.

This is not just the result of marketing.

It is a very well-known humectant that is highly valued by scientists and has outstanding qualities for eye care.

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Double moisturization to
soothe dry eyes

Dry eye is a condition that affects a significant portion of the population and 50% of cases are not diagnosed.

In the mildest cases, patients tend to put up with the discomfort, unaware that there are very useful remedies affording instant relief. In the most severe cases, it can be a highly limiting disease.

The latest TFOS DEWS report published in 2017 explained the various options available on the market to treat this pathology and one of the most interesting proposals involves combining two wetting agents to formulate an artificial tear that can ease the symptoms of patients with dry eye.

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Moisturizing drops and
using Ortho-K lenses

Short-sightedness or myopia is an eyesight disorder affecting more and more people around the world. It is important to detect and treat it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will gradually get worse and can cause serious eye problems.

Orthokeratology lenses are a special type of lenses adapted at an optician’s or ophthalmology clinic which make a very good way of preventing myopia from progressing. The lenses are worn overnight while sleeping and removed in the morning. It is essential to apply moisturizing drops when using these lenses to ensure they work properly and make them easier to handle, as well as helping to keep the eye hydrated. But not all drops are the same and it is important to know which is the best option.

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Acuaiss is hyaluronic acid

and hyaluronic acid is the ideal substance to care for your eyes.