Why keeping your eyes in good health is so important

Acuaiss is a range of products containing sodium hyaluronate to help treat eye health problems. Keeping your eyes healthy involves going to regular eye checks, eating well and having healthy habits. The truth is that the pace of life today can take its toll on our eyes and we often find ourselves suffering symptoms linked to dry eyes.

Having dry eyes can be a problem for anyone who exposes their eyes to unsuitable conditions where tear quality is deteriorated or not enough tear is produced. Staring at a computer screen for hours, spending long spells in closed environments with too much heating or air conditioning, or reading without enough light are common causes of dry eyes that can affect us all.

Acuaiss is a range of products intended especially to care for eye health, containing hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient.

Acuaiss provides instant relief for symptoms such as itchy eyes, grittiness, stinging and other causes of discomfort. Acuaiss comprises an array of products in a variety of formulas and formats: a spray to be applied to open eyes, moisturizing drops in a bottle, single-dose moisturizing drops, ophthalmic drops in a gel texture (with or without preservatives), an eye bath for washing and soothing sore eyes, wipes for palpebral hygiene, and a roll-on to relieve tired eyelids.

Acuaiss is hyaluronic acid

and hyaluronic acid is the ideal substance to care for your eyes.