Eye hydration providing
instant relief

Artificial tear with hyaluronic acid
for mildly dry eyes

Properties of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component in the structure of the eye with the power to stabilize the tear, providing added comfort and easing any sense of dryness in the eye.

Acuaiss moisturizing drops present viscoelastic properties, which means that when the product is instilled in the eye the tear is unlikely to break as it grows more resistant (viscous), whereas it becomes more fluid when blinking. This property is due to the presence of sodium hyaluronate.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component that retains water in the tear. Thanks to this property, Acuaiss is able to fully or partially correct the effects of depleted tear production. These effects include:

  • ● Dry eye (poor tear production)
  • ● Conjunctival injection
  • ● Red eye
  • ● Sensation of discomfort and itchiness after spending a long time staring at a computer screen or TV or reading intensely (tired eyes).


These moisturizing drops are especially suitable for use in the following circumstances:

● Activities that involve straining the eyes such as working in front of the computer, reading for long periods of time, using television screens, going on long journeys, not getting enough sleep or feeling stressed, all of which cause people to blink less often.

● Air-conditioned workplaces.

● Stuffy or contaminated environments.

● Use of contact lenses.

● Situations in which drops are recommended to improve tear quality or combat dry eye sensation.

Method of use

Before handling the product, wash and rinse your hands thoroughly.

Instil one or two drops in the eye in question when symptoms occur and blink several times.

This lubricating solution can be used whilst wearing contact lenses to moisturize them. The drops can also be applied before inserting contacts.

Use as many times a day as necessary.