Acuaiss is a range of eye care products containing hyaluronic acid.

Eye hydration

Acuaiss Dual Gel

Ophthalmic drops with a liquid base and gel-like texture formulated with two humectant agents at high concentrations: 0.30% hyaluronic acid and 0.10% hydroxyethyl cellulose. These gel drops provide intense long-lasting hydration for moderately to severely dry eyes. Available in a 10 ml bottle or in a preservative-free single-dose format


Acuaiss Moisturizing Drops

An artificial tear with two humectant agents: hyaluronic acid and hydroxyethyl cellulose, providing instant relief for symptoms associated with mildly dry eyes. Available in a 6 ml bottle or in a single-dose (preservative-free) format.


Acuaiss Ultra

A preservative-free tear with a hyaluronic acid biomolecule designed specially for people with chronically dry eyes, including contact lens wearers.


Acuaiss Spray & Go

A convenient eye spray containing hyaluronic acid to be applied while the eye is open. It contains a solution with hyaluronic acid (0.30%) which lubricates, hydrates and refreshes dry and sore eyes.


Eye hygiene

Acuaiss Eye Bath

An eye wash containing saline solution and hyaluronic acid to clean and hydrate eyes. It comes with a special eye bath.


Acuaiss Wipes

Wipes with hyaluronic acid and natural extracts to care for and clean eyelids.


Eyelid soothing

Acuaiss Roll-On

A refreshing oil-free gel containing hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol to enhance eyelid hydration and elasticity. The applicator features a metal ball which is rolled around the eye contour to boost microcirculation in the area.


Acuaiss is hyaluronic acid

and hyaluronic acid is the ideal substance to care for your eyes.