A rest for fatigued eyelids

Refreshing gel with hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol
to hydrate and repair your eyelids


Eyelid fatigue is a tight sensation on the skin causing discomfort such as itchiness or stinging in the area.

This palpebral tension particularly affects contact lens users, people who spend long periods of time in dry or polluted environments or those suffering from sleep deprivation.

The main purpose of eyelids is to protect the eyes. This area is very sensitive to adverse conditions and dehydration. A dehydrated eyelid causes an uncomfortable tautness and palpebral fatigue. The oil free formula in this roll-on comes in a gel. It contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 (dexpanthenol) to hydrate the skin and ease eyelid tension.

On the eyelids, hyaluronic acid helps to preserve the skin’s water structure by binding water molecules to the palpebral tissue.

Vitamin B5 (dexpanthenol) is involved in cell regeneration processes. It eases the symptoms of inflammation on the eyelids and provides a soothing sensation.

The relaxing effect of Acuaiss Roll-On is further enhanced by the roll-on application system.


Acuaiss Roll-On is suitable for anyone whose eyelids feel tired due to:

● Wearing contact lenses for long periods of time

● Sleep deprivation

● Exposure to contamination and dry environments

● Long hours reading

● Jet lag.

Method of use

Apply by rolling in a gentle circular motion all over the eyelid area. Daily use is recommended and the product can be applied as often as necessary