To hydrate eyes and lubricate
contact lenses

A preservative-free tear containing hyaluronic acid for people with chronic moderately dry eyes, including contact lens users.


When you suffer from chronically dry eyes and need to use moisturizing drops over long periods of time, it is very important to ensure they are free from preservatives.

If as well as having dry eye you wear contact lenses, your eyes will no doubt feel itchy and gritty, with an uncomfortable foreign body sensation. Without a solution to the problem, you may choose to give up wearing your contact lenses.

Acuaiss Ultra is an artificial tear with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid providing instant relief for dry eyes. It hydrates the cornea and is especially designed to prevent substances from building up on the surface of the contact lens. Acuaiss Ultra is suitable for use with all kinds of contact lenses. There is a list of advantages that make it a unique solution:

  • ● It moisturizes the eye, providing instant relief for the symptoms of dry eyes and making contact lenses easier to handle.
  • ● It lubricates the contact lens which reduces the effect of the eyelid rubbing on the lens when blinking. In other words, using hyaluronic acid is like greasing machinery to reduce friction for smooth running. This is crucial considering we unconsciously blink every 5 seconds.
  • ● It envelops the lens, protecting it from oily deposits. This hyaluronic acid coating makes the contact lens react better to water and repel any remnants of lipids or cosmetics.
  • ● It prevents calcium from building up on the lens as the formula contains EDTA, a chelate agent that “captures” calcium ions.
  • ● It is free from preservatives thanks to its OSD system, which seals the content against external microbial contamination and dispenses the exact amount of product.
  • ● Acuaiss Ultra comes in a 10 ml bottle which guarantees 250 uses. This format is much more practical and affordable than the single-dose alternative, which is designed to be disposed of after one use.


● For contact lens wearers with problems caused by dry eyes

● For daily contact lens users

● For people with eye conditions caused by contact lens friction when blinking

● For people who are sensitive to preservatives

Method of use

1. Remove the safety seal on the cap before using the product for the first time.

2. Remove the cap.

3. Squeeze both sides of the bottle with your fingers until a drop forms. Pour the drop straight into your eye or onto your contact lens.

4. Place the cap back on the bottle after use.