Washing your eyes every day improves eye health

Using an eye bath to wash your eyes every day is not just a matter of personal hygiene; it is a very healthy eye care habit.

When we sleep and spend hours with our eyes shut, a phenomenon known as hypoxia occurs. In a nutshell, hypoxia means our eyes are deprived of oxygen. This results in itchiness and leads us to rub our eyes.

The discomfort you feel when you wake up or at the end of the day (after your eyes have been exposed to air conditioning or insufficient blinking in front of a computer screen) can be eased by including a hygienic habit in your daily routine: washing your eyes twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Just like we brush our teeth every morning, we should take a moment to care for our eyes. As well as being a matter of health and hygiene, bathing your eyes in an eye wash such as Acuaiss with hyaluronic acid is extremely pleasant and refreshing.

It is advisable to use a special eye bath rather than simply tap water to wash your eyes. The reason is that water does not have the same salinity or pH as your tears, so when your eye comes into contact with tap water it tends to compensate those different pH and tonicity levels, which can cause some discomfort. That is why you might feel uncomfortable after a long time under the shower with water getting into our eyes.

Washing your eyes every day with a specific eye bath to clean the outer eye area ensures instant relief and cleaner, healthier eyes.