A gentle caress of natural relief to
clean your eyes

Wipes with hyaluronic acid indicated especially for contact-lens wearers.


The best way to clean eyes that gather a lot of rheum is to use specific products, helping to wipe away rheum without irritating the eye. Acuaiss Wipes are specially designed to clean your eyelids.

When excess rheum is secreted in the eye, the first thing to do is follow a specific hygiene routine. Rheum usually suggests that the tear film is less abundant or in worse condition than it should be, which leads the glands to activate and produce excess secretion. The eyelid drags these deposits to the edge where they build up and form rheum, which can cause minor damage if not wiped away properly.

Excess rheum can also be a telling symptom of an infectious disease, such as conjunctivitis or blepharitis. These conditions are more frequently suffered by contact lens users, especially those who wear their lenses for too many hours.

If wipes are used to clean the eyelids, it is important to ensure they will not irritate the eye. That is why it is essential to use wipes like Acuaiss which the eye tolerates very well. Acuaiss Wipes contain hyaluronic acid, providing freshness, softness and hydration, as well as natural extracts such as Aloe Vera (for a moisturizing and emollient effect) and Bisabolol (for soothing). They also contain vitamin E (an antioxidant that hydrates the skin). These wipes are free from parabens and irritating substances.


● Daily hygiene for the edge of eyelids and eyelashes, suitable for all kinds of users and especially contact lens wearers.

● Dry skin on eyelids.

● Tired or swollen eyes.

● Wiping away crusts caused by blepharitis, styes, etc..

● Cleaning the eye area in preparation for other treatments or after surgery.

● Caring for bruised eyes.

Method of use

1. Wash your hands, open a sachet and take out the wipe.

2. Wipe it several times over one eyelid and lashes, helping to clear away any built-up substances.

3. Open another sachet and repeat on the other eye.